Protex-H: Faster Muscle Recovery

Protex-H has been field tested in a wide variety of active sports where physical exhaustion, especially muscular, can affect both the enjoyment and the results. Tex-OE® the active ingredient of Protex-H is derived from prickly pears and has been approved as a food additive by the EU and by several sporting bodies. It has been medically certified as acceptable for use by both the Tour de France and international skiing teams.

The practical experience of professional divers, ski-instructors and active sportsmen and women has shown that Protex-H, if taken beforehand, may reduce or eliminate the side effects of even severe physical exercise. Prickly pears have been traditionally eaten in the Mediterranean in summer and Protex-H was first developed there to help commercial scuba divers cope with the ongoing physical stresses of their heavy working day. Now the Protex-H Heat Shock Protein Activation Technology has been extended to triathletes, cyclists, runners, horse riders, track & field athletes, rowers, skiers and weight lifters, as well as participants in a variety of team sports to increase muscle recovery after workouts.

It has now been established through Bradan and others in EU and USA that one of Tex-OE’s® properties is to accelerate the normal response of all animals to physical stress - i.e. the production of chaperones or Heat Shock Proteins (HSP’s). These help to reduce the wear and tear caused by physical exercise and accelerate recovery from the subsequent feelings of exhaustion.

Using Protex-H to improve exercise tolerance.

As part of our own studies at Bradan, we have investigated the benefits of Protex-H as a moderator of a wide variety of normal physical stressors, including, geriatric squash, cross-country running, hill walking skiing and mountain biking. Various endorsements by the scientists involved are available if required. The results have been similar in all cases and well beyond what might have been anticipated. If the correct dose per body weight is taken a few hours before the event, the subsequent fatigue or other stress effects that might be expected, especially in an older person, are reduced or do not occur. The potential of this for physical workers, high demand sports and for exercise in general is great.

Protex-H should be taken an hour or so before commencing a training session or competitive event, at a rate of one tablet per 10 stone/140lbs/60kg in body weight. Taking less than the required amount has no benefit. Its benefits will persist for up to three days when its use can be repeated. It is particularly useful when sustained activity is necessary for instance during a triathlon or marathon, for cross country skiing and cycling long distance.

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