Protex-H: Heat Shock Activation for Athletes!

Heat Shock Proteins, (HSPs) are proteins, of varying molecular weight (circa 16kDa to 100kDa) produced in all animals when they are exposed to cellular stress due to exercise. They “fold” muscle proteins into usable form, rapidly repairing training-damaged muscle fibres and increasing lean mass and strength.

For years athletes have tried to activate heat shock proteins beyond the level that exercise alone produces. Now Bradan Limited scientists, working with colleagues in the US and Europe, have shown that by taking carefully titrated amounts of Tex-OE®, the principle component of Protex-H HSPs can be elevated by 200% and their time-to-action by 1500%. Protex-H is obtained from the skin of the fruit of the prickly pear which is an approved EU foodstuff, by a patented extraction method. The Protex-H tablets are safe and tasteless.

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The faster you can enhance levels of HSPs after stressful exercise or training the less tissue damage and the faster you can activate the response from fatigue.

Activate Heat Shock Proteins Up To 1500% Faster †*

The faster that heat shock proteins start working, the less damage, greater repair, and faster muscle growth you may be able to experience. Tex-OE, the patented ingredient in Protex-H, starts activating HSPs in as little as 6 minutes as opposed to 90 minutes. That’s up to 1500% faster than exercise alone!†*

Protex-H keeps HSPs activated for up to a full 72 hours, so you get the benefit of increased HSP activity before, during and after your heavy exercise.

(These findings are based on clinical research on trained athletes with pre-activity conditioning of Tex-OE, the patented key ingredient of Protex-H. Individual results may vary.)
‡Based on emerging experimental research.
^The product should be used by athletes as part of a healthy diet and resistance-training program.