Protex-HFor Sports: Testimonials

quote quote Protex-H has transformed my life. Being an avid cyclo-sportive rider based in the wilds of Scotland often involves a Friday night drive of up to eight hours, 100-miles-plus of hard cycling on the Saturday, a beer (or two) that night to celebrate success, and then the long haul home. Facing a management meeting on the Monday requires more than just willpower; Protex-H starts the recovery process before the damage is done, so whatever the challenge, it's just another day.
-Neil Manchester, Ormsary, Scotland
quote quote I now also take Protex-H before undertaking the occasional charity cycle marathons I have been doing for the last few years. In the past I would have been happy to cycle without such support but now as a newly minted pensioner I find that they make a very significant difference to my recovery time after a 150-mile-plus circuit.
-Alexander McLean, Chairman, McLean Associates, Ayr, who originally began taking Protex-H to combat jet lag
quote Victoria Leckie is a blogger on who is passionate about running, mountain-climbing, health, fitness, self-development and wellness. She discovered Protex-H before tackling the 83km Ecotrail in Paris. Hear what she has to say about Protex-H in her blog entry, entitled 'My new wonder drug'.
-Victoria Leckie, Blogger