Protex-Hfor Diving : Dive longer

All scuba divers want to stay under for as long as possible. There are however always dangers in this. The amount of time spent under water affects the degree of muscle fatigue produced and can severely limit the total amount of diving the keen amateur can physically enjoy on a short holiday.

Protex-H has been shown to improve both safety and in particular the effects of muscle fatigue on the amateur diver to pre-stimulate the body's Heat Shock Protein (HSP) reserves. Originally developed for use by commercial divers in the Mediterranean this remarkable product is now available for use by scuba and snorkel divers everywhere.

The human body has no immediate response to stress. It can react after a period of time, when the stress damage is already done, by repairing the damaged tissue. Under normal physiological conditions the body is maintained in a state of homeostasis. Under the stress of diving however, the body tires more readily and requires a relatively long period of time to recover from the stress situation. This gets worse with age but even young healthy individuals start to feel the consequences of diving stress. Fatigue is the natural means by which the body indicates that it has not yet repaired muscles etc, a process that is controlled by the availability of HSP’s. Protex-H, extracted from the prickly pear cactus, speeds up the recovery process using this totally natural mechanism.

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